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Pierre Jean

Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Beatmaker.

Pierre Jean

Pierre Jean Millien is a Haitian artist born in 1988. He began singing and playing drums in church, where his Christian faith family gave him opportunities to perform in various groups and choirs. In 2010, he won a local singing competition and recorded his first three tracks. In 2013, he won the televised singing competition Digicel Stars in Haiti and became a highly promising artist in the Haitian music industry.

After leaving his fans without news for five years, Pierre Jean made a comeback with a new single titled “Peye Pote” in 2019. He joined the TCOM label, which takes care of his production, promotion, and artistic distribution, and launched a series of episodes titled “Les aventures de Pierre Jean” in collaboration with two other Haitian artists.

Satisfied with the success of its first season, Pierre Jean made his debut on the international stage in late 2022, with a media tour in the Caribbean and France. For him, this new stage in his career is an opportunity to introduce his music to other international stages and to continue growing as an artist.


Some videos of Pierre Jean


Gad on chalè
Mwen bezwen yon fanm
Kleren dous
Anvi viv
Kòmsi m pa wè
Apre bal la
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